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Welcome to OloumTech

OloumTech is a training and professional services company where knowledge is adapted to meet the unique needs of ICT companies, mobile operators, SMBs, and individuals.

The main mission of OloumTech is to help the technological and digital sector to find competent trainers and experts that specialize in technical training in ICT and consulting services. 

OloumTech offers to customers the know-how and expertise acquired through in-depth knowledge of products and technologies. Working closely with network service providers, global ICT vendors, and leading manufacturers of technology. 


We seek to transform the service offer from a traditional training, face-to-face or by videoconference, towards a full digital and self-service approach and the provision of highly qualified services. The objective is the reengineering of training content management processes, strengthen its competitive advantages through "Blended Learning" services or hybrid learning, analog and digital, with a more integrated and continuous approach for trainers and learners. 


The instructor conducts a training session for a group of learners or an individual. Learners have direct access to the instructor for comments and discussions.

Virtual Classroom

Combines the best of traditional classroom training with the convenience and flexibility of a real-time virtual learning format using Video Conferencing Systems accessible by different devices.


Transfer of skills and knowledge is activated by a network. Teaching is provided to a large number of recipients at the same time or at different times t with the help of electronic resources.


Advisory services that help clients assess different technology strategies by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning.